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The device consists of a solar tracker, one module of 10 Fresnel lenses connected to 10 fiber optics (assembled in bundles).

Materials resistant to winds of 140 km/h (87 mph).
Total Height 1.35m (4’ 5”) -Total Width 1.5m (4’ 11”)- Total weight 70kg (154 lbs).
Drilling diameter: 40mm (1 9/16 in) max.

3 simple steps to define your own system:

Step 1: You choose which rooms you wish to light up.
Step 2: You choose the positioning of the tracker, making sure it isn’t in the shade.
Step 3: You measure the distance between the tracker and the furthest point of light

To create a beautiful light, we recommend using at least 3 fiber optics per luminaire (AERIO Junior), 1 module for a maximum of 3 powered luminaires.

An example of luminaire: AERIO can be fitted as a suspended luminaire

And you can combine your solar tracker and the luminaires as you wish...

You can combine the solar tracker with all the luminaires created especially for different usages. To find a solution that matches your need, please consult our So.Luce luminaires.

If you want more light, no worries. In option, you can combine modules on the same tracker.

4 modules tracker:

6 modules tracker:

Maximum 10 modules tracker: