Automated multiport valve + Housing with CRYSTAR® FT

The solution to reduce health risks and to enhance the pleasant experience of a non-irritating, chlorine-orderless water.

The CRYSTAR® FT Ceramic Membrane Filters can be combined with a small housing and an automated multiport valve to provide the perfect solution to avoid any quality variation during the filtration. In comparison with the other current filtration systems on the market (sand filter, cartridge filter), the porosity of the CRYSTAR® FT ceramic filter is so low (4 microns for the solution HiFlo and 0,25 microns for the HiPur, instead of 10 to 20 microns for the other filters) that, for once, the pathogenic organisms responsible for many diseases, will be kept inside the ceramic filter until the next automatic backwash to evacuate them definitively from the pool water.

Your pool water will stay clear and safer all the time. This is the perfect solution for people who are sensitive to their safety and health and who want to leave an experience of a non-irritating, chlorine-odorless water. Now, they will enjoy their swimming pool without question.