The sun is bright. Summer is settling in….

The sun is bright. Summer is settling in. Temperatures keep going up and so does your electricity bill.

You wonder how you can reduce your AC consumption. You have this Green mindset after all, so you want to help the Planet, save energy, definitively not waste it. On top of that, you wouldn’t mind reducing your electricity bill either. A few hundred dollars could easily be spent on something else.

Your friends told you about solar panels. It seems to you like a good idea but would they really reduce the energy consumption or would they just make it greener and less expensive over the long term? Would the seat next to the large front window be comfortable or still as hot as before?

One day, you think that blocking the heat before it comes in is an obvious and necessary solution. In fact, if the sun can stay away from the windows, outside the building, then you would be able to stay in your comfortable recliner armchair next to your beautiful windows, admiring the view. Your overhang is too small to do a proper job all the time especially in September, when it’s very hot outside and the sun is already half way in your room. You realize that you need something else, something more efficient… This idea starts to sink in.

Could you find a way to reduce your AC consumption and increase your general Well-Being at the same time?
The answer to that is a definitive YES.

For instance, a solar control technology could allow more or less sunlight, depending on the time of day or year, so you don’t have to do a thing. By combining heat protection glazing, external adjustable sun shading, internal anti-glare protection and intelligent control you would soon save on energy costs.

Now to go deeper into details, some numbers. Without protection, approximately 58% of solar energy will pass through a regular double pane window. If you have an efficient interior shade, this number goes down around 35%, that’s not bad but you can still feel the heat… On another hand, if you decide to use an exterior shade instead, then the solar energy passing through can be reduced to 12%. Finally,  the perfect combination is interior shades and exterior shades, only 4% will come in.

How do you feel about just 4% of heat coming inside? How low do you think your electricity bill would be? How proud of you would you be for contributing to a greener environment for the generations to come?
To do so, our favorite choice would be installing motorized Exterior Venetian Blinds, elegant yet modern. These shades would keep the sun and the heat outside, but would still allow all the natural light to come in.

Based in California, at Construction Progress (or CPHBA), we want to focus on Green solutions for today’s challenging construction requirements and help make this Planet a better one for future generations. One way to reduce this energy consumption could be by using the products of our partners. Whether it is a small project or an extensive office building, retrofit or new construction, you can place these smart sun protections on the exterior, in front of your windows. It will prevent solar energy from coming inside and turning into heat.

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